Frequently Asked Questions

I've heard the term: normal wear and tear. What does it mean?
Normal wear and tear refers to when a bicycle is ridden under normal riding conditions. Normal wear and tear does not include, jumping, racing, bunny hopping, riding over glass or thorns or anything else that will penetrate a tire, going over the handle bars, hitting a tree, riding in creeks and abuse of the bicycle.

Do you offer free estimates on bicycle repairs?
Yes, we encourage our customers to either first call us by phone, or bring your bike down to the store and we would be happy to provide you with a no obligation estimate.  We prefer the latter, as we can provide a more accurate estimate if we can see the bike.

Do you repair shocks on suspension bikes?
Oakville Cycle has the facilities to repair most makes and models of current high-tech suspension bikes - including suspension oil changes, disc brake tuning, spring replacement, and overhauls.  If we can't repair it, we can find someone who does.

Do you do bicycle tune-ups?
At Oakville Cycle, customer satisfaction and quality work are our top priority .  We can provide you with a detailed per item quote on a repair.  Or you may be interested in our bicycle tune-up.  Our tune-up offers the customer with with the comfort that all major components will be lubricated and adjusted at one low price.  If there are any parts or labour charges over and above the base rate, we will tell you before we do the work.  No surprises.  Please see our Tune-Up Checklist for more details.

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